Innovative Ways to Teach Creative Writing to Kids

It is every parent’s dream to see their child progress well in school. But most of the time it is difficult getting your child to study and learn. In today’s world of computers and games children become highly distracted and getting in a few hours of study is becoming more and more difficult. So parents and teachers need to find new innovative ways to encourage a child to learn. One way is teaching creative writing to kids and to teach creative writing online!

Teaching creative writing to kids can be done by incorporating fun with learning. Words, spellings, sentences, grammar and creative writing are very important for a child’s educational development. To aid parents in the quest for better learning for their children there are online educational websites designed especially for them. These sites are great because they incorporate fun with learning so children are not put off by it. They are great learning tools and are very useful for the development of a child.

Online Games for Children

The starting point for teaching creative writing to kids is online games. These games are found in websites starting with the very young. Writing games are available for different age groups. There are very simple games for little ones like story writing games in Here they get to choose what type of story they would like to write – ghost, romance or spy story and fill in the blanks from words in the hint boxes. Then they completes the story and submit it. The site lets them know if the story is written correctly i.e. if it is scary like a ghost story or adventurous like a spy story. This way children get to learn new words and also the components of different types of stories. also has a variety of for young learners that are fun and educational at the same time. Playing these games with your child will help them learn and progress in their creative writing skills.

Ways to Communicate

Teaching creative writing to kids is important. It not only helps them in their education; it is also a way to communicate online with people around the world. Penpals are a great way to make new friends as well as improve language and creative writing skills. There are online sites that provide a medium for parents who want to find penpals for their child. Email addresses are posted and this way the child makes new friends sometimes from their own city and sometimes with kids from other parts of the world. Writing to penpals also helps children improve their creativity and do their best to put their thoughts forward. They can write about different things in their lives such as school, family, friends, how they spend their weekends and holidays etc. They can also read about their penpal’s life and learn more about the world and at the same time improve their writing skills. Teaching creative writing to kids helps children say exactly what they want and to get their thoughts across to the people they want to communicate with.

Creative Writing Activities

Teaching creative writing to kids can be explored through story, essay or poetry contests as well. There are contests that are held online and they are a great tool for teaching creative writing to kids online. Contests build up a kid’s competitive nature and bring out their creative skills so that they can win prizes. Students love wining prizes and will do anything to win. So when students get opportunities like this to show off their writing skills they will want to put their best creative foot forward. Competitions are a healthy way to encourage students to write more so that their writing skills will improve. Skills like creative writing will help a child as he grows older and maybe for some of them it will be their means of livelihood. Jobs like a magazine or newspaper editor, a paper journalist or even book authors require good command over language and a flair for creative writing.

Blogging and Writing Connection

Blogs are another way of teaching creative writing to kids. Blogs are pages within a website where people write all about their lives or thoughts and feelings. It is a virtual dairy. Nowadays, children are encouraged to write blogs. It is another great way to help them improve their writing skills and creativity. It is important to do everything you can to get your child to indulge in writing, whatever form it may be. Blogs can be exciting for a child if he knows that not only will his friends and family read his blog but also other children his age from all over the world can read it too. The prospect of being able to share thoughts with the world can also be a big motivator. Blogs are the one place that children can write all about life, school and home life, about their family and friends, thoughts and feelings, opinions on different subjects etc. The more a child writes on their blog the better their skills and creativity gets. There are many creative blogs by young people that you can read online now. So you know it is effective. Students also read blogs written by their counterparts and this way they learn about other cultures and at the same time they get ideas on how to write creatively. Tools like these are of great importance in the development of teaching creative writing to kids and will help them when they grow up.

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