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Lots of lessons, videos and free blogs for kids. offers free lessons – a series of videos demonstrating how to use and lessons from our membership club. Both are currently free as we prepare to release new videos and a revised membership club. New and improved lessons are coming soon. In the meantime, take advantage of the free resources available now.

Benefits of Blogging for Kids

Learn about the benefits of blogging for kids and then share the information with colleagues, friends, parents and students. We offer a FREE eGuide, FREE infographic, FREE slideshare powerpoint and FREE Youtube video. Grab it now! Four ways to learn about the benefits of blogging for kids.

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Why Kids Should Blog

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Basic introduction to blogging for kids using Lessons explain how to set up a blog, the key components to creating a blog with an emphasis on safe blogging for kids. Get started with Lesson 1 now!

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