Imaginative Ways to Inspire Kids to Write

Do you need creative writing ideas for kids to inspire your children or students to write?

Read on for some thoughts on creative writing ideas for kids. If your students will be writing fiction, the sky is the limit. Students can write about fantasy and imaginative topics. Parents and teachers can give kids a story starter to get the creative juices flowing.

Here are some examples of creative writing ideas for kids:

• You accidentally find out your best friend is from another planet. What do you do?
• You are walking down your street and suddenly you hear a loud strange noise. What is happening?
• You’re riding on a carousel and the horses suddenly leave the ride and begin galloping away. Where does your horse take you?

If you are assigning your students an essay, provide creative writing ideas for kids in which they can describe what makes them unique.

Topics could include:

• What will I be doing in ten years?
• My favorite place to be is …
• If I could invent something, it would be …

Encourage students to write creatively using poetry. Poetry is written to cause an emotional response, so think of topics that involve the senses.

• Describe a weather condition such as lightening, hail, or sleet in your poem.
• Write a poem about how jealousy feels.
• Create a poem about an irrational fear that you suffer from.

Educators and parents can use various creative writing ideas for kids to keep the ideas flowing for young writers.

Have your child keep a journal; this encourages writing on a regular basis and helps instill an enjoyment of writing. You can create three story jars with labels of “Who”, “Where”, and “What”. Fill each jar with slips of paper containing imaginative subjects for each category. Have students draw one slip from each jar and write a story using these subjects.

Use history as a way to generate writing topics. The History Channel has a website ( where you can see what happened on any given day in the past. Kids can research and write creatively about events that happened on their birthday. Find a person that was born on today’s date long ago and write about what they would think if they were alive today. Predict what will happen in the future based on what happened before on today’s date.

By using the internet and a little ingenuity, creative writing ideas for kids can be obtained that will keep kids writing. Give writing prompts that are fun and imaginative. Your students will grow to love writing and this will be a valuable skill throughout their lives.

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  1. Ms Phua says

    Hello Dr. Patricia, I’m an English teacher currently residing in Singapore. I would like to say how grateful I am to come across reading your blog. It has truly been beneficial and I have taken some of your tips into practice in class especially from this post, creative writing..I notice that my students now enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading their stories..
    Thank you so much

  2. admin says

    We are happy to hear that as an English teacher you find our articles informative and helpful. We notice that on the site a lot of people are interested in creative writing. It makes us feel hopeful that our children, regardless of where they live, want to improve their writing skills.

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