How to Start a Blog for Kids Under 13

According to WordPress and Blogger’s Terms of Service (TOS) kids under 13 cannot use these platforms. But do not be discouraged! We recommend parents create a blog using the instructions and have the kids observe and learn. Soon enough the child will be 13 and ready to venture on their own. At that point, they will be ahead of the game. So learn everything you can now!

The kids of modern age are very technical savvy. They all know the details about the computer, its uses and how to make money out of it. You must have visited many blogs and read many blogs. To start your own blog is your dream.  How to make this dream into reality?

There are many blogging sites that kids under 13 can use and make. There are many free blogging sites for the kids that they can join. You can make your own blog and keep the blog going with postings on the site. You can help make a blog for your child by using the free sites like the Blogger or WordPress. After making the blog, you can supervise your child’s blog and have it monetized with Yahoo Publisher, Google Adsense, Bidvertiser or some other network ads so that when people click those advertisements you make money. With this, the parents must be in charge.

You can help make a blog with your child and encourage their artistic talents. There are many sites on the Internet that help in making a blog for kids under 13. These sites provide clear and easy instructions designed for student use. Many such sites are created by an educator familiar with the safety, guidelines and instructional needs of using the Internet. There are videos that you can a watch and help to make a blog for your kids. These videos are free and can be watched repeatedly and shared with other kids or parents so that it is easy to follow the instructions.

While making a blog the kids will learn how to post any article and how to edit it with blogger. They will also learn to set the blogger accounts and learn how to layout the blog and the videos or photos on the blogs. They will next learn to navigate the blog site.

The blogs for kids under 13 cover a large number of topics ranging from art, computer games, cartoon review, music, and hobbies and also include school subjects. For many kids these blogs are a platform for gaining new knowledge and for others it is just pastime.  When a kid makes a blog it makes him/ her understand the basics of computers. It increases their writing ability and creativity. It helps to get  a better understanding of very facet of the topic they are dealing with.

To start a blog for kids under 13 you can get help from the sites that specially deal with such ideas. The step-by-step direction on these sites will make your kid know how to make a blog very easy.


  1. Jessica says

    Both Blogger and WordPress’s Terms of Service say specifically that users have to be at least 13 years of age..

  2. admin says

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. We are aware of the TOS (Terms of Service) for Blogger and WordPress and follow them on our site and in our membership club. We also feel it is important for kids under 13 to learn how to create and design a blog from the very beginning. Often kids under 13 are only given the opportunity to participate in blog sites that are already established and they do not have the opportunity to learn the initial steps about designing and creating their own blog – especially a free one! What we recommend for kids under 13 is to have their parent open an account with either Blogger or WordPress and allow their child to observe the process and learn. We are going to update this 2009 article so that it clearly states our support of WordPress and Blogger’s TOC for kids under 13.

  3. Sparkle says

    My kid is 11 and all of her friends have their own blogs. Should my kid get a blog too? My daughter wants to open an advice blog for kids.

  4. Anthony says


    I am 13+ and I have my own blog ( I do agree that kids need to be very careful about what they post online. Whether it’s on a blog, a Facebook acount, YouTube, etc.

    Blogging is just another way to get online. Most kids seem to use Facebook and twitter for their online posts.

  5. katie says

    hello im a new blogger im from scotland hows your day? mines is rubbish its pouring where i live :( bye x

  6. Suraiya says

    I am 11 years, I have a facebook account and a have a blog too! but I too think that kids
    should not get a blog of their without the permission of their parents.

  7. Carolyn says

    I’m turning 12 next month and I want to ask my mom to make my own blog. The only problem is, I don’t know how to ask her! Any advice? Please help!!! Thanks

  8. jenny says


    I’m tunning 10 this next month I want to have my own blog but my Dad will say no .What should I do???????? PLEASE Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. says

    From a home schooling mom standpoint I think this is a great idea! I am creating one for my daughter and she is only 6. It will be a video blog for her to talk about her life (no identifying information, same plain background each time, ect. on security measures) But the thing is I am going to be controlling every aspect of the blog, for instance it will be under my blogger account where I have my other 2 blogs. I will be monitoring obviously the videos that she makes and not post anything that should not be on the internet. I will also be adding my own content as well. But, this is a great opportunity for her to learn by watching me set up the blog, choosing her own background, helping design the header, picking out her colors and fonts, and doing other stuff using her own creative talents. I plan to feature photos for instance that she takes, and just have it be a joint effort learning experience that will span for however long she decides to keep it going. :) I do not agree that young kids should just be able to get online and make their own, bad bad idea. in fact, why are their 10 and 13 year olds even on this thread posting? where are the parents? lol My children are not allowed online unless I have put in the website (abc mouse, disney, my little pony ect) and they are not allowed to click off it or search or go anywhere else on there. we also have internet security detective thing. SO my point I guess is that if you do this the right way its a fantastic learning and creative outlet for children!

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