Blogging: The Online Journal for Kids Today

Online Journal for Kids

Today’s children are digital in every sense of the word which is why an online journal for kids otherwise known as blogging makes a great deal of sense.

A parent’s biggest concern about school-age children and pre-teens blogging and creating a blog is Internet safety. There is no doubt that Internet safety is a huge issue as many children and teens have an unrealistic sense of safety. Once safety issues are addressed, developing an online journal for kids and blogging can potentially improve a child’s writing, communication, social, and Internet and computer skills.

Blogging began as a one sided dialog but has now transformed into marketing tools, issue related sites that transfer information from the blogger to the general public and provide the author with a type of anonymity that can allow just about anyone with research skills and drive to become an expert in any given area. Regardless of the focus of the blog, creating an online journal for kids practices good communication skills that are important in every part of life. Humans are social creatures and blogs give children a way to interact with relatives that may live far away in a timely manner. Blogs open a dialog between people that develops into a relationship.

For the proactive child who wants to make a difference in an issue, a blog provides the child with a way to express feelings, use researched information and feel empowered in doing so – all descriptors of an online journal for kids. Children love to have an audience and once again, an online journal for kids is the best way to accomplish this. In blogging, a child will want to publish the best work possible. This will lead to increased efficiency in proofreading skills and editing so that the daily posts will present the idea clearly and professionally.

Blogging allows children to develop needed communication and written skills that will be necessary for success as an adult.  These skills will translate to the ability to communicate effectively in the workplace. Effective written and verbal communication insures that everyone understands what is expected out of each person on the team.  Interviews and business meetings can become a nightmare with people using the latest buzzwords and phrases. This creates a situation in which nobody understands a word of the conversation.  An online journal for kids through blogging forces the child to communicate plainly and effectively so that the discussion stays on task, creates efficiency and ensures that everyone understands what the blog is stating.

Creating a blog will increase vocabulary and reading level and expand social networks as children meet like minded people and solidify appropriate communication skills through an effective online journal for kids.

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