Blogs for Kids Under 13

blogs for kids under 13

Blogging is a big world that has space for everyone and every age. So there is room for a kid under 13 years. There are many blogs for them. Few are created by expert bloggers and others are created by kids themselves.

There are many kids under 13 that are blogging on various topics. It ranges from art, music, sports to school subjects. Blogging is a pastime and blogging gains knowledge. Blogging helps kid in many ways like computer skills, writing, creativity, science, literature, etc.

Blogging improves educational skills

It’s blogging that makes kids understand technology. They are able to keep themselves informed about various new technological skills. For blogging one has to know about writing, use of words, ideas to be converted into words and sentences. All these things improve one’s writing skills.

Kids are very interested in science, to know about how things come into being. They have various questions in their mind like how, why, when, etc. For all these things they can get answers while blogging because research is also a part of blogging. When kids blog, one common thing they write about is books they have read, basically stories and poems. This helps them to get more knowledge about literature. And lastly they tend to become more creative by blogging.

Blogging needs special attention especially for kids under 13. Whenever a kid starts blogging there are a few things that should be considered.

  • First see whether the child is interested in blogging or not. Don’t make it a forced act. Then, see that your child gets access to a computer with good Internet connection.
  • Now that your kid is starting to blog, make the child aware of various blogging tools like blogger, WordPress, etc. but also check the age restriction option. Some sites don’t allow children below 13 to create a blog.
  • Make sure that a kid is blogging under adult supervision so that the child starts at the correct level.

Guidance is necessary

It is necessary that you to keep a eye on what your kid is blogging. There is a lot of stuff on the Internet that kids should avoid, but being a kid they may not know and accidentally come across situations. To avoid problems make your kid aware of concerns that the Internet can cause. Guidance, education and moderation is important for a kid blogging under 13.


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