Blogging For Kids Under 13: Advantages and Disadvantages

Blogging For Kids Under 13

When you hear other folks talking about a blog they like, do you instantly think they’re talking about something written for adults by adults? If you do, you may find the concept of kids blogs strange. However, blogging for kids under 13 can have many benefits. These days kids are very tech savvy and understand […]

Make a Blog for Kids: Tips To Become A Successful Blogger

Make a Blog for Kids

Make a blog for kids by following these tips. According to Dr. Patricia Fioriello, the founder of, “In today’s advance world of technology, there really is no explanation for children to not blog. Learning how to make a blog for kids should and must be an active part of education.” Here are ten tips […]

Best Tips To Finding Blogs For Kids Under 13

Blogging For Kids Under 13

Blogging is one of the most popular online activities these days, with tens of thousands of active blogs being updated on a daily basis. When your kids start to go online, they may be interested in starting their own blogs, or in finding blogs that they want to read. However, finding blogs for kids under […]

The 10 Best Ideas for Blogging for Kids

Blogging for Kids

Everyone runs out of ideas, even adults at times. For kids who are blogging however, there are a multitude of great ideas that can have them posting more and opening up lines of communication. What follows are the 10 best ideas in blogging for kids. 1) What was the last good book you read? This […]

The Importance of Blogs for Kids Under 13

Blogs for kids under 13 is a hot topic in the blogging world. This is because there has also been an amazing amount of enthusiasm among young people for an opportunity to blog. But so far, or at least for the last few years, there has not been a response from the blogging community to […]