Top Blogging Topics for Teens

Blogging is popular among kids these days. They keep looking for various topics on which they can write blogs. Each child has different area of interest so if they blog as per their level of interest it will give them a chance to enhance their interest.

Teachers and parents can become their perfect guides in suggesting them various topics to blog.  Here are few common and popular topics for blogging among teens.

Think outside the box

outside the box

Books: encourage to write reviews of the books that the kids have read. This will make them express themselves. Also, it will enhance their writing skills.

Religion: a teen is very expressive, and if they write about various religions that can make people understand its importance.

Nature: it is a very vast topic. They can write about how to conserve fuel, how to plant trees and protect environment. About animals that are getting extinct.

Gadgets: it a very hot topic for teens to write. Teens are very inclined towards new technology products coming into the market. They can write comparisons about them. There are so many companies coming in the market and all have something good and bad about them.  Hence teens can get vast topics to write about. They can write about various multimedia products and their uses.

Travel: it is another topic of interest. Teens can write about various places they visit and let people know how they feel about that particular place.

Social issues: teens should be encouraged to write about social issues.  By doing this, they themselves get aware and spread awareness among others. Issues like drugs, alcohol addiction, gambling, smoking, teen sex, abortion can be few of the issues they can write.

Social Media: they can write about various software, blog interfaces like WordPress, blogger. And discuss the advantages of socializing interfaces like face book, twitter, orkut, etc.

School blogs: they can create blogs in groups also and have various topics related to schools and colleges. How to improve study standards, how to finish your home work on time, review about the lessons they have studied, something about the teachers, etc.

These can be very appropriate topics to write about in teens blogs. It’s not that they have to be limited to these topics. They can explore additional areas of interest. Think outside the box!

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