Facts and Myths About Online Chat Rooms for Kids

The Realities of Online Chat Rooms for Kids

Online chat rooms are not just popular among adults looking for love or careers; many teens and preteens are finding friends and maintaining contact with friends who have moved away, getting help with school work, and discovering the world through the use of online chat rooms for kids under 13.

What the Critics Say

The critics of online chat rooms for kids under 13 feel that they are detrimental to kids and often expose them to information at early ages that they would normally not be exposed to. Though this and other perceived disadvantages seem to steer parents away from online chat rooms for kids under 13, the advantages may make the risks worth taking.

Positive Reasons to Let Kids Chat Online

Improve Social Skills
The first and most common way online chat rooms for kids under 13 are beneficial is their ability to create an environment where kids are free to be who they are. In these rooms kids can explore and improve upon their social skills through various methods including writing, text-chatting, playing games, and finding connection points. Many adults do not understand the text “lingo” but for kids, this is a vital means of communication.

Increase Communication Skills
By engaging in chat room conversations, preteens learn how to carry on a conversation, listen and make contributions that they might not make otherwise. Through this process, preteens find friends they may never have found in person. For some teens, they find themselves to be socially awkward in person but thrive in an online setting. Many times, the online chat rooms are a way to give them courage to be more social.

Online chat rooms for kids under 13 years of age provide a quiet way for preteens to talk with their friends. Because of these sites, preteens can have people over without having to leave the room. Many sites allow for video chat and group chats that transcend rooms, cities, states, and even countries. Preteens can talk with their friends in the safety of their own home without the worries of getting their friends together for a party or parents having to make time in their schedule to take them somewhere for a get together.

Online Chat Rooms for KidsAddress Academics
For parents, one of the main advantages of online chat rooms for kids under 13 is their ability to provide sources of help with schoolwork. Many parents are not capable or do not have the time to help their students get schoolwork done. Fortunately, there are hundreds of websites designed to guide students to find the help they need to be successful in school.

There are sites dedicated to every subject imaginable and target children and teens of all grade levels. Some sites even provide actual teacher assistance or submission sites to get feedback on the work they have produced. School curriculum consists of an increasing number of technology requirements that stump most adults. Online chat rooms provide informational and technological help for these problems.

If these reasons are not enough for allowing your preteen to spend some monitored time on the Internet, then consider what they can learn from people who live in places around the world. Many online chat rooms for kids under 13 are available to kids in the United States and around the world. Preteens can have a virtual pen pal and learn history, culture, and geography of a part of the world they have never been to. Preteens with a broad worldview often are more successful in school and have a healthy sense of adventure.

For critics of online chat rooms for kids under 13, these advantages may not be convincing enough to outweigh the risk; however, if you as a parent are responsible and willing to monitor your child’s online use, these chat rooms can be an invaluable source of information and social experience.

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Valuable Tips for Parents


  1. ktenkely says

    Like everything online, chat rooms can be excellent for kids social skills and self esteem, everything should be monitored and discussed but not banned.

  2. Sophia Smith says

    With proper guidance… I guess that’s what parents should prioritize. The risk is always there not just on the chat room. Where ever the kid will be there will be a chance that other people will influence him/her. It’s not taking the risk but knowing how to handle it so it will be 0% risk free.

  3. June says

    I remember my childhood days when I was so into chatting (Mirc) I don’t know if you can remember the application but that was so popular back then. I can say that it did help me a lot in terms of social skills and communication skills. I must say I had a great time chatting with friends and I don’t have negative things to say about it. I highly recommend it!

  4. admin says

    Hello June! Online chat rooms are an excellent way for kids to improve their social and communication skills. The important thing is to always supervise, monitor and support kids when they are online.

  5. admin says

    Hello Sophia, Thanks for your comment because what you said is very important. It is true that with proper guidance we can decrease the risks for kids using chat rooms. Parents must be involved. There is always risk when kids try new activities but with supervision we can help kids have positive learning experiences!

  6. Heidee says

    You can say that again. My son learned how to chat when he was 9 because his father works abroad so that’s one way they communicate when they are not together. I highly recommend this to all, because my son became very good in writing and in computer technology because at early age he was able to know a lot of stuff from the net. But make sure to be there whenever they need to ask something.
    Awesome site!

  7. admin says

    You see your son became familiar with chatting online at an early age because of his father’s involvement. It was a way for the two of them to communicate and spend time together. Online activities are best when the parent is involved in a positive way. I am very happy to hear that your son’s writing improved. Most kids who blog and chat online improve their writing skills.

  8. admin says

    Hi Chloe, We are here to respond to comments. If you would like to chat online, join our membership club!

  9. says

    Hi i am emma and i am 10 i am just checking out this blog and i don’t know anythig about it yet but i hope that me and my friends will like, i hope we do. as long as our parents don’t have to pay for anything. Me and my friends will chat on it. thats all i would like to say bye. xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. admin says

    Welcome Emma! Nothing to pay for here. Anyone out there to talk to Emma? What are your interests Emma?

  11. admin says

    If you would like recommendations for online chat rooms, we would need to know how old you are?

  12. Natasha Harridge says

    I am Natasha Harridge. I have never been on so please help me. do I need to pay for anything. tell me if i do.

  13. admin says

    Hi Natasha,

    You are welcome to read and comment on articles or to take advantage of our free resources. If you want to learn how to blog, you can join our membership for $9.99 a month. The membership is for kids age 11-14 and it is a series of lessons that teach kids about blogging, how to set up a blog and how to become great bloggers!

  14. adam blaydes says

    hi i just want someone to talk to . by the way dose anone know some good pvp games or games like binweviles that you dont have to get any upgrades . by the way i am 10.

  15. says

    I am Aaron and i am 14. I made a website that is safe for kids to chat in. I know what your thinking… he’s a kid! He can’t build a professional website that has built a safe place for kids to chat with their friends!!! All i have to say to that is, “I did”. wechitchat.com

  16. courtney says

    My name is courtney too…. I know your pain… My friend Janna is a bully to me and janna, u readin’ this? I HOPE SO!!!!!! I understand… friend… ♥♥♥

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