Free Educational Blogs for Kids with Assessment Tools

Finding free educational blogs for kids that have high quality content can be a challenge.

Kids learn more and will engage for a longer time period if they are having fun with the educational content.

Quality blogs have not only engaging content but also an assessment tool of some type embedded in the blog.

National Geographic Education
is a free educational blog for kids that includes subject matter from geography to biology along with written articles and multimedia presentations. Kids will learn using real world issues, interactive mapping and projects as assessments.
[youtube][/youtube] is a free learning educational blog for primary and secondary students. Earth science students can use the Geology Website on Kidsknowit to study the Earth’s surface, interior, how the earth formed in depth through articles, presentations and games in addition to building spelling proficiency. on is an exciting history educational blog that allows students to discover how the events of the past effect the innovation of the future, wars, conquests, the renewal of society, decline and rebirth again. Over 500 free educational topics can be found on along with accompanying educational games, activities, worksheets, free online classes designed to make learning fun plus all content is updated and fact checked to be accurate.[youtube][/youtube] is listed as a free homework help site but in fact it is a free educational blog designed specifically for children. does have a homework help center but also has extended categories in current events in the world and news, word wise, math and money, sports, games along with games and quizzes for each category.
[youtube][/youtube] focuses on math, reading and comprehension, science, history, language arts and geography. Funbrain uses arcade games, memory games, books and comics to engage students as well as including popular books and characters.  The website includes a curriculum guide that helps teachers choose appropriate content for classes K-8 and also includes flashcards for use in conjunction in the classroom with the educational games.
The most impressive part of the free educational blogs for kids is that each site is designed so that kids can use all the features without help from an adult, which allows them to be self-sustaining in their learning endeavors.


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    Great tips. Putting the kids on ease when they are too much busy with there homework and other activities would also help them grow fit and healthy.

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