Creative Writing Blogs for Kids Surge in Popularity

What are creative writing blogs for kids and why are they becoming so popular?

Kids are kids and we all know what it was like being a kid. All we ever wanted to do was have fun and the mere thought of any school work outside of school practically repelled us. So of course writing of any kind is associated with school and not fun. Kids shy away from writing because it is not fun and it is school work.

As parents, you need to find ways to get your child interested in writing so that your child can perform well in their overall education.

Writing is a great way to improve in all aspects of education. Writing is a necessary tool in our lives and without this knowledge it is difficult to go far. So kids should be encouraged to write from a very young age. Usually at a very young age they start from coloring. We can say this is the very first baby step to the world of writing. In today’s world technology has allowed us to make everything easy. Even getting your child to learn how to write creatively has become easy.
Creative Writing Blogs for Kids Surge in Popularity

Creative writing blogs have become very popular in the past few years and kids are a part of it.

But before jumping directly into creative writing, a lot of tiny steps need to be taken with your child to get to that level.

Start a creative writing journey by introducing your child to online writing games. This will be easy enough as it is fun as well as educative. Play games like hangman, scrabbles, crossword and many other educational games and these will increase their word power.

Some games are designed to improve a child’s grammar and sentence formation. And some are story writing games that bring out the imagination and creativity of a child. Such games are helpful tools in the improvement of a child’s language skills. Story writing games are especially helpful for young kids as they get an idea of how to go about writing a story. These games are picture games or fill in the blanks that kids have to follow and complete by using their imagination. It is a great way to learn writing.

Creative Writing Blogs for Kids

Once a child has a grip on their language enough to write creatively, then you can introduce them to the many resources of creative writing.

Having pen pals is one way and the other most popular form of creative writing are the blogs. Nowadays, blogs have become a very popular tool for people to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Blogs are online dairies and so like a normal dairy you can write anything you want in an online dairy.

But for kids parents should monitor what they are writing. Blogs are not just a grown up domain anymore. Many kids all over the world have taken up blogging. Kids express their feelings and thoughts. They write about their lives, their family, their school and friends etc. It is a great learning tool. Kids can even read blogs written by other kids, maybe their friends or someone they don’t know from the other side of the world. It is an exciting prospect for them that other kids read their blog and so they put in all their creativity into their blog.

There are a couple of sites that are examples of exclusive blogging sites for kids.

Not all websites allow kids under 13 years to use their site so these kid blogging sites are a real boon. Some sites are paid sites so parents will have to pay a registration fee. After this a child can have a safe blogging experience all the while learning from the tutorials given by the site on blogging.

One such site is This site gives step by step information to kids and parents on how to blog. So it is a learning experience for kids as well as being fun. There are many other sites for blogging for kids that are free or paid. Parents should first check out the websites to see if any unwanted ads and pop ups appear on these sites. They can then decide which sites their kids may blog on.

Free sites include sites like Students of the World, Hello Kids, Spark Top, etc. There are a couple more sites and you will find these if you search the internet. These blogging sites are meant especially for kids, mostly below the age of 14 years. They are great tools for a child’s exposure to the world of online communication. They get to write about pretty much anything they want and be heard by their counterparts. They can read blogs by other kids and share their opinions, thoughts and ideas. These free blogging sites connect kids from all over the world and they get to learn about each other and their countries and culture.

Think Quest is a blogging site that is meant for teachers and kids. A teacher can sign in and create a project and invite kids from their class to start a page with those kids. They can write articles on that subject, post pictures etc. All in all it is a learning experience. These examples of creative blogging sites are useful in the upbringing of kids as they get exposure to the world of online blogging and to different cultures. And not just that, all the while that kids blog they are learning to be creative in their blogs and are improving day by day in their language skills. Eventually this will help kids in their future careers.

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